Matt King

After leaving school in 1995, I joined the British Army as an Apprentice and served in the Royal Corps of Signals for 8 years. Whilst based in the UK, I enjoyed tours of duty to the Falkland Islands, Kuwait, Iraq and Canada before leaving to enjoy a civilian life in 2005.

Following my departure from the British Army, I joined the private sector, initially as an electrician to utilise some of the training I had had in the Armed Forces but then I quickly progressed onto a career in sales. 

Learning ‘on the job’ I quickly identified what worked and what didnt and moved my way up ‘the ranks’ from a consultanting role, to a front line sales role then into a National Business Development role before landing my first management role. 

Leading a sales team offered me the chance to impart some of the skills and knowledge that I have gained into a team. Using the attributes taught to me within the Army and using a natural ability to bring a team together – I have now progressed to a a senior management / director role – covering both the United Kingdom and the United States.

SalesChange is the opportunity to bring my skills and knowledge to a wider audience – not just serving my current company but allowing me to broadcast ‘best practices’ in how to build a postive and collaborative corporate culture whilst maintaining the momentum needed to generate sales.

I am married to Tina, we have 4 children and a daschund called Coco. We live in Broadstone, near Poole on the South Coast of England.

I actively look for opportunities to act as a mentor, a speaker or to network generally and I am most active through LinkedIn and Instagram – you can connect personally with me using the links below.


Having worked in a variety of corporate cultures and managed in a variety of industries – I understand what it takes to be ‘successful’ and I understand what makes a team work.


"Matt worked for me for just over 3 years and during that time he changed our sales teams culture to one of being forward thinking, driven and cohesive. Matt's key attribute is the way he can bring together a team for a common goal and how he can build a team to focus on the task in hand."


"Matt is a great motivator and made me look at sales from a totally different viewpoint. His attitude towards managing is refreshing and far from overbearing, therefore making me to want to work for him and achieve set targets to the best of my abilities."