The Studio Recordings

Tim Guest from Consulting51 joins Matt to talk 'change' & how he developed Zoedale Ltd to promote growth before they were acquired in late 2019, this episode has tons of advice for company leaders! Tim also takes on SalesChange 5.

Will and Joe from St James Studio are fun, lively and full of energy - they join Matt for Episode Seven of the SalesChange podcast - its a good one! Looking to the future and where they want to be in 5 years time.

Caroline Hearne from CSC Consultancy is the guest on Episode Six.. Caroline left the Army and transitioned into a very successful sales career - we hear how she has got on and what the future of her business looks like.

Paul Tansey from Intergage chats to Matt about the growth of Intergage over the years, how they have had to reinvent themselves several times and where the creative industries are going - Paul also gives his answers to the SalesChange 5 questions.

James Hampton from the Colour Works visits Matt to discuss psyhometric profiles, how a leader might immediately impact or create change within an organization and how culture is formed. James also answers the SalesChange 5 Questions.

Matt's former boss, Martin King comes onto the Podcast to chat all things water treatment, discuss how the company has grown over the years and how Goodwater's people are the centre of how they operate.

The fitness industry has some great coaches in it and to understand how one man has built his business from a rented space in a franchise to owning his own Ltd company, Matt chats to Sean Burgess.

Matt chats to Kat and Mark from the Dorset Business Awards 'Company of the Year' Mploy about their growth, their plans for the future and the recruitment industry now and in the future.

SalesChange - The Podcast is a passion project for Matt King - to showcase businesses and how their culture, people and ideas shape and grow businesses.

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